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Recently we have reached our to a group concerning our vision and they have decided to work along side with us in support of education in Liberia. They recognized the need for quality education and more state of the art learning institution in Liberia. We want to thank the leaders and members of Divine Sister organization for recognizing the cause. 

Royal Star Kid School of Excellence

Today, we recognized and will support Royal Star Kids School of Excellence. We know that education is import and it is our responsibility to help in whatever way we can 

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Our Affiliate

Education is important

Education is important all around the world. If we fail as leaders to recognize and support one of the most valuable system, we will have ourselves to blame. This is why the African Anointed Voices have decided to support this cause. We are grateful to the African Anointed Voices for recognizing that education is important, not just in Liberia but all around the world

We Support Royal Star Kids School Of Excellence

If we educate one child, we have made a great contribution to our society. This is why it is important to share the vision of Royal Star Kids School to help educate kids in Liberia.